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    If you have any “How to” questions about the Toons Mag community. Then please ask here.

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    Anto Mario
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    How to reset account password?

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    Youcef AIMEUR
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    I suggest you establish “The best cartoon of the month Award Toons Mag Certificate”, determined by the number of likes of members of Toons mag!

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    Darrie Boushel Payne
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    Advice for artist the best way How to put your art work up on your site.
    What is the best way of putting are your art work up close to the match to the ones you draw. Their
    are a few types that you may not be aware of like CMYK or RGB but of course these are ones if your
    using some software to draw on. To be aware that colors can change when you put them up online
    but i think as far as i know sRGB is the one to be drawing in, so check your software
    the other is the resolution of the image for high quality 300 dpi but it will effect the size
    of the file photos or image. For the web site i’m not sure what Toonsmags are ?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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