Review: How readers think about Toons Mag

Review: How readers think about Toons Mag
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Review: How readers think about Toons Mag

For quite a long I am with Toons Mag, working as a writer here. No doubt, I really enjoy my job of serving as a creative writer in Toons Mag. But if I look out from a reader’s perception, there are several reasons that make me love toons mag cartoons, its published articles, or other contents. At the same, it also provides some cause to be criticized for drawbacks or I can say there is a scope of improvement in some fields. Here I am trying to bring out those facts:

1. I honestly admire its ethical values that share the message of freedom to express and in every the content they publish, I see that thing or can feel that positivity.

2. The way Toons Mag puts light on the social burning issues, really makes me a faithful follower of this magazine.

3. Toons Mag adheres strictly to its cognition so it never fears publishing any ongoing controversial political issue.

4. It provides a great platform for any new cartoonist or caricaturist.

5. Toons Mag has opened its door for all artists regardless of anycast, creed, country, religion, or any biases.

6. Toons Mag never turns back to welcome new or amateur cartoonists from any third world country.

7. We got to know much information by reading the famous cartoonist biography.

8. Toons Mag arranges new competition for cartoonists, caricaturists, and artists almost throughout the whole year where anyone is free to participate.

9. For the participants of those competitions arranged by Toons Mag, there is no registration fee and the facts allow many cartoonist’s spontaneous involvements.

10. Who doesn’t love to get recognition or prize? The Toons Mag not only arranges competition for artists but also bestows them with lucrative prize money and certificates.

11. The mottos of Toons Mag which are freedom of expression, freedom of opinion really inspire me a lot.

12. The reaction system is quite impressive that allows one to let him know how much his cartoons are being appreciated or criticized by the viewers.

13. Toons Mag publishes latest updates about cartoons and new cartoon exhibition that is going on all over the world and simultaneously letting one cartoon lovers to be connected  with exclusive news regarding cartoons

14. Any competition arranged by Toons Mag, cartoons get selected by the voting process of the viewers unanimously. So there is no chance of business.

15. Toons Mag also focuses on those problems that we usually don’t want to face or slightly turns away from it.

16. Toons Mag publishes many informative contents or tips for the wannabe cartoonist, by following them, they can be helped a lot in career.

17. Over 2,000 cartoonists and artists are working here. So it has been a great source to create employment for many people.

18. If anyone has a passion to be a cartoonist or caricaturist but puzzled from where to start, Toons Mag can be a helping media for him.

19. In Toons Mag male and female workers and participants are treated equally.

20. Toons Mag is a responsive and mobile-friendly and Google AMP ready website.

21. With numerous positive sides, however, it has some drawbacks too. Toons Mag displays too many advertisements, it comes on the screen which is quite annoying. I hope that authority will look up to that to make it more user friendly.

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