Introducing Toons Mag Cartoon Challenge

Monthly thematic cartoon competition

The Cartoon Challenge (Monthly Online Cartoon Contest) inspires cartoonists to draw great cartoons and upload them to Toons Mag.

The Cartoon Challenge inspires cartoonists to draw great cartoons and upload them to Toons Mag. Monthly thematic competitions encourage participants to try new subjects and to develop skills while improving the Toons Mag.

Challenges are open to any Toons Mag’s user. Submissions must be your work not previously uploaded to Toons Mag before the challenge date and should illustrate the challenge theme in the opinion of the cartoonist. Please read the challenge descriptions, as there may be additional rules or explanations for specific challenges. There is no limit on the number of submissions per user (unless specially so restricted in the challenge), but please choose from among your best and most varied images.

Everybody can participate in challenges open for submission. You simply.

Choose the current Cartoon Challenge

Read the challenge description(s), which may vary in their rules (e.g., someplace restrictions on when the cartoons are taken).
Take cartoon(s) for the challenge(s) during the challenge period (or, if allowed, select from your existing cartoon that is not yet on Toons Mag).
Upload your cartoon(s) during the challenge period.
Submit your candidates at the top of the current challenge gallery during the challenge period. To do that you click the upload button or drag and drop of the Entries section of your chosen challenge and insert the File name above the last entry.
Submit for review, once your entry is approved, then people can vote.

The cartoons will be assessed by popularity voting in the subsequent month. You are allowed to vote for submitted entries.

The best three cartoons will be awarded first, second and third place.

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