Karl Meersman (1961)

A Belgian editorial cartoonist

Karl Meersman portrait

Karl Meersman was born on 14 September 1961. He is a Belgian editorial cartoonist, living in Sint-Niklaas. He is known for his weekly caricatures in the popular magazines’ Trends and Knack. Meersman is married to former VRT-television journalist and presenter Lies Martens.

Meersman’s art has been widely lauded in the press, in the art world, and politics. He gained international attention when his work was displayed in the Belgian consulate in New York City, in 2006–2007.


Karl Meersman’s Biography

Early life

Meersman comes from an artistic family. His grandfather was a painter, and both his mother and father were professional artists. When he was a young boy his parents took him to the art school in Temse, where they worked as teachers. At age thirteen, he entered a drawing contest for children but was disqualified because the jury did not believe his entry was drawn by a child.

Karl Meersman Photo

After deciding he wanted to follow in the footsteps of his parents, he dropped out of high school and attended different art night schools instead. He was awarded degrees in publicity, printmaking, and figure drawing. In the meantime, his father sent him to a photogravure company, where Meersman held a day job. When his father’s drawing workshop became too big to be run by a single person, he became permanently involved there. In 1991, together with two of his siblings, Meersman took over his father’s drawing studio Meersman I.D. to manage the ever-growing workload.


Initially, Meersman was mainly occupied with work in the public sector. He was hired as a caricaturist by Trends magazine in 1987 after he was noticed drawing visitors in a furniture shop, and has been drawing political cartoons for the magazine weekly ever since. The economical magazine calls the cartoonist their “jester of the socio-economic society“.

Karl Meersman Cartoon

In 2002, he became the permanent illustrator for Focus Knack, for which he draws caricatures of showbiz people most of the time.


The artwork for magazines is done using traditional techniques: watercolor and pencil on paper. His interest in contemporary politics and news led him to political caricature as a living, and as he says: “I like to stand with both feet in the present, my work is a mirror of today.”As his biggest influences he names Egon Schiele and the satirical prints in the tradition of Félicien Rops, Toulouse-Lautrec, and Honoré Daumier. His style is described as realism with a strong eye for detail.

Karl Meersman Caricature

Besides caricatures and editorial cartoons, Meersman also produces posters, stamps, paintings, and interior designs. In the past, he also produced book illustrations and children’s books.

Karl Meersman Caricature

 Karl’s Bibliography

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Donald Trump Karl Meersman Caricature

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Angela Merkel Karl Meersman Caricature


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Barack Obama Karl Meersman Caricature

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Karl Meersman (1961) Interview, Featured, by Arifur Rahman

Child and Young Adult Literature

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