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Choose colors carefully

Choose colors carefully

Colors can help communicate a character’s personality. Typically, dark colors such as black, purples and greys depict baddies with malevolent intentions.

Light colors such as white, blues, pinks and yellows express innocence and purity. Comic-book reds, yellows, and blues might go some way to giving hero qualities to character design.

“To choose effective colors, it’s important to understand the basic rules of color,” explains Ørum. “Become familiar with the primary, secondary and tertiary colors, as well as monochromatic and complementary colors. One technique for generating an effective color palette is to choose two complementary colors and work with them in a monochromatic color scheme.”

“You’ll create balance because complementary colors create dynamism, while monochrome colors invoke feelings of calm. You could also try a tertiary color scheme, which adds a third color (for example, violet, orange, and green), and then work with monochromatic versions of those colors, but it demands more planning and skill for it to work well. If you’re new to color, try and keep it simple.”

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