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Don't lose the Magic Top 27 character design tips

Don’t lose the Magic

Many character designers will start their project with a sketch. And most agree designers agree this is often where the essence of the character is captured. So when you’re working up your design, make sure you don’t lose that magic.

“I try to stick to my original drawing style because the instinct is to try and clean it up,” says Laurie Rowan. “I don’t like to feel like I’ve created my characters; I like to feel like I’ve kind of just encountered them.”

“When starting out on your character design, don’t get caught up in the details,” says Pernille Ørum. “Decide what you’re trying to communicate, then create loose sketches with movement, acting, and flow. As soon as you start to tighten up the drawing, you’ll automatically lose some of the dynamic, so it’s important to have as much life in the early stages as possible. Movement is all but impossible to add later, so make sure it’s in the initial sketch.” See also: How to Draw a Cartoon Body, Easy Tutorial, 4 Steps

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