On the 2nd meeting in Mexico, organized by Cartonclub

On the 2nd meeting in Mexico, organized by Cartonclub

On the 2nd meeting in Mexico, organized by Cartonclub.

We ask ourselves, When will we talk about ethics within the guild? This is damaging the reputation of the guild. How are we going to respect each other without ethics? With what morality can we criticize those who are corrupt and within our environment bad practices are happening? Those who are trying to silence these malpractices should ask themselves a self-critical question and face these issues with honesty and courage. It is not just Boligan, it is the examples to the new generations and it is your silence. When Boligan denounces the plagiarism of Jose Alberto Tiscareño Rodriguez many of the guilds supported Boligan, they supported him because they did not agree with those practices, correct, but I do not understand now when it is Boligan who copies they make silences. At that time Boligan said: “I am outraged by plagiarism in any way” “I hope this case unites us as a guild” “Let’s stand in line in the face of opportunism and mediocrity” then what happens? Why not pay attention to Boligan’s words? Where is that social and ethical commitment of the “cartoonists”? Where are you? Why have you gathered there? There are many topics that you are dealing with that are interesting, but this is a potato that is too hot not to look at from the front, the potato is kept inside the house and we are all seeing it in the nets. They talk about freedom of expression and they have already erased some of my comments. Remember that your theme of respecting diverse opinions, for the freedoms of expression that try to get others to respect them, because respecting them from within would be the best. Greetings, Ajubel.

We would like to know what the guests think about these issues, thank you

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