The Emotional Roller Coaster That Is Bojack Horseman

- The Emotional Roller Coaster That Is Bojack Horseman


Let me start by saying if you haven’t watched Bojack Horseman yet, its not for everyone. The themes are sometimes ambiguous and left up to interpretation which can sometimes be problematic when it comes to appeal. However, this show really appealed to me. It came to me at a time where it was exactly what I needed. I have never had a show leave such a profound impact on me and have such abrupt juxtaposition of emotion and tone. This show took me for a ride and I loved it from beginning to end.

To provide some background, I discovered Bojack in 2016, two years after its initial airing. I was beginning my freshman year of college. I was four hours away and this was the first time in my entire life I lived away from home. I had no friends, I hated school, and I had no car while I was miles away from my family. I eventually became depressed, struggling to get out of bed some days. One day I was browsing through Netflix originals, and was curious after watching the trailer. The dark humor and themes were like nothing I had experienced up to that point. There were times I felt like the show understood the thoughts going through my head. It was almost as if the emotional perspective the show took helped me sort through my own. I only tell you this to help you better understand my perspective when I was initially introduced to the show. A person’s individual head-space is important in determining their preferences and I feel illustrating my perspective helps provide that necessary context. Not to say you need to be a sad as hell to enjoy the show, but I digress.

From the very start of the show Bojack is portrayed as a washed-up sitcom actor thats bitter at the world for not appreciating him to the degree he feels he should be appreciated. He is constantly getting in his own way and tripping himself up, being the main reason for his own downfall. 

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