The History of Buck Danny comics

The History of Buck Danny comics Covers

Buck Danny is a popular comic book series featuring the adventures of a fictional American pilot and his companions. The series was created in 1947 by Belgian author Jean-Michel Charlier and French artist Victor Hubinon. Here is a brief history of the Buck Danny comic series:

Publication Information:

  • Title: Buck Danny
  • Created by: Jean-Michel Charlier (writer) and Victor Hubinon (artist)
  • First Appearance: 1947 in the magazine “Spirou”


  • Genre: Adventure, Military
  • Format: Comic strip, Graphic novel

Main Characters:

  • Buck Danny (U.S. Navy pilot)
  • Jerry Tumbler (U.S. Navy pilot)
  • Sonny Tuckson (U.S. Navy pilot)
  • Various supporting characters

Publication History:

  • Debut Year: 1947
  • Publisher: Dupuis (initially), later published by several publishers including Dargaud, Le Lombard, and Cinebook Ltd.
  • Language: Originally in French, later translated into multiple languages

Synopsis: “Buck Danny” follows the adventures of Buck Danny and his fellow U.S. Navy pilot friends as they embark on thrilling and action-packed missions, often involving espionage, military conflicts, and aerial combat. The series is known for its meticulous attention to aviation details and realistic depictions of aircraft and technology.

Legacy: “Buck Danny” is one of the most iconic and long-running Franco-Belgian comic series, with a dedicated fanbase. It has inspired aviation enthusiasts and remains a significant part of the comic book landscape.

Notable Works:

  • “Buck Danny: The Blue Angels”
  • “Buck Danny: Classic Comics Library”

Related Media:

Awards and Recognition:

  • Received numerous awards and honors for its contribution to aviation and military comics.

Origins and Early Years

Jean-Michel Charlier, who was already a successful comic book writer in Europe, was approached by the publisher Dupuis in 1947 to create a new series about a hero who would be a pilot. Charlier then teamed up with Victor Hubinon, a former military pilot turned artist, to bring the character of Buck Danny to life. The first story, “Les Japs Attaquent” (“The Japs Attack”), was published in Spirou magazine on January 16, 1947, and was an immediate success.

The Adventures of Buck Danny

The Buck Danny series is set in the post-World War II era and features the adventures of American pilots, including Buck Danny, Sonny Tuckson, and Tumbler, as they participate in various military and civilian missions worldwide. The stories are known for their accuracy and attention to detail, as well as their fast-paced action and suspense.

The History of Buck Danny comics

International Success

The Buck Danny series quickly became popular in Europe and the United States, where it was published in various forms, including a newspaper comic strip and a series of pocketbooks. The series has been translated into many languages and has sold millions of copies worldwide.

IMG 3217 - The History of Buck Danny comics


series was continued by other writers and artists, including Francis Bergèse and Jean-Michel Arroyo. The series has also been adapted into various forms of media, including films, television shows, and video games. Buck Danny remains one of the most popular and enduring comic book series in Europe and beyond.

The History of Buck Danny comics

In conclusion, the Buck Danny comic series is a well-known and beloved series of adventure comics that readers have enjoyed for over 70 years. Its attention to detail, fast-paced action, and international appeal have made it a genre classic.


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