Zombie Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln returns from the grave to Make AmerGreat Again.

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Written by Matthew Fields Robinson

I started drawing caricatures at Sea World in San Diego while in college.  I did freelance editorial and humorous illustration for quite a few years before I began working for a commercial illustration and design firm in Santa Monica.  There I worked as an in-house illustrator for a few years there before moving to Portland to work in a foundry as a sculptor. I left Oregon when I was hired as a t-shirt designer/illustrator for a large printed t-shirt company in Chico Ca.  I worked there for ten years while intermittently working as a tattoo artist in a shop in a neighboring town. Now I just paint and draw for myself...still all day long.  Luckily, I now make my living as a walnut farmer.  As a conservative artist I am heavily abused by the big tech social media platforms.  Not many people see my work.



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