1. Step 1.

Let’s start off this step with a medium sized circle. Add guidelines inside the circle so you have some help with the facial features. Draw a large circle for the abdomen and two curved lines attached to it. This will be the basis for the body. Don’t forget to sketch the guidelines for the horns on its head.

2. Step 2.

Now in this step Draw a larger circle for the bottom half of the deer and attach it to the top half. At this point, your image should look like a llama. Don’t forget to draw the eyes too.

3. Step 3.

Next, start sketching out the shapes fro the back legs by drawing a simple line starting from the middle of the larger circle down to the end of the sheet. Move to the front two legs, you are not going to see the top part of the deer’s leg in the back so just sketch two lines siding each other, and on the leg that is in front view, Shape it from the shoulder down. Move up to the head and sketch the nose and ear.

4. Step 4.

Now here is where we do a little detailing in the neck, underbelly, and tail. Sketch out more of the deer’s face like the shape of the skull and define the nose a bit more. Draw his tail that is just a long bushy letter u, Also sketch out the lining of the two-tone appearance for the deer’s colors.

5. Step 5.

Let’s work on the butt end now. Sketch out the bony hip details on top of the deer’s lower back, and draw the lining for the hidden hind leg. Sketch the spine that flows down between the two hip bones and put some more definition to the tail. Put some ruffle to it. Insert the inner lining of the deer’s ears and only draw a hook shape on the other side of its head.

6. Step 6.

Finally, finish off this step by sketching out the antlers. Notice how they are uniform, well this is a buck obviously and he was blessed with a good set of antlers. Shape them out nicely I believe this is a four-point deer. I’m not sure but I think that this determines the age of the dear as well. But there is a big chance I’m wrong about that.

7. Step 7.

You are done. Isn’t he gorgeous? Very handsome looking fella, if I were a doe I’d date him. Now you can color him in or leave him naked. It’s up to you.


Tutorial by Dawn Darko, United States

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