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Bilig Ba

Bilig Ba

Bilig Ba was born in 1965 in the Sunid Left Banner Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of China. 1986-1988 studied and majored in Arts and Crafts Department of Inner Mongolia Teachers Training University. 1992-1995 studied in the Mongolian Language Department of Inner Mongolia Education College. Member of the Inner Mongolia Association for Artist. Now hi is Teaching at Sunid Left Banner Profession School.
Prize of Excellence the 2nd HumoDAEVA Cartoon Contest /Romania 2002.
Bronze Prize the 1st FCW International Cartoon Festival /China 2002.
Prize of Excellence the International Cartoon Exhibition / China 2003.
Special prize the IACC 2004 Cartoon & Animation Competition/ China 2004.
Honor Mentions of the International Bursa Cartoon Biennial / Turkey 2007.
Honorable Mentions of International Humor Competition/ Argentina 2007.
Gold Prize of the 6th LM International Cartoon Competition/ China 2008.
Honorable Mentions of the 19th international satire exhibition / Italy 2008.
Second Prize of The international exhibition/ Syria 2009.
Third prize of the International cartoon contest “Carluka-2009″/ Ukraine.
Third prize of the VII International Festival of Graphic Humour/ Italy 2009.
First Prize of the 21st Olense Kartoenale / Belgium 2009.
Gold Medal of 4th China Guangxi City College In’t Cartoon contest/China 2010.
Third prize of the 2nd International BH Humor/ Brazil 2010.
Special Prize of the 1st Gold Panda International Cartoon Competition/ China 2010.
Special Prize of the DICACO International Cartoon Contest/ Korea 2011.
Honor Mentions of the PortoCartoon-World Festival/ Portugal 2012.
Special Prize of the 7th HumoDAEVA Cartoon Contest /Romania 2013.
Best Portraits Prize of the ABIDIN DINO Portraits exhibition/Turkey 2013.
First Prize of the 2nd Cartoon Africa International Biennial /Nigeria 2014.
First Prize of the International Radwan alferekh Award/Lebanon 2015.
Works Selected and more prize in the International Cartoon Festival of Azerbaijan. Argentina. Belgium. Brazil. Bulgaria. China. Costa Rica. The Czech Republic. Columbia. Croatia. Cyprus. Egypt.France. Greece. Germany. Hungary. Italy. India. Indonesia.Israel. Iran. Japan. Korea.Kosova. Kenya. Lebanon.Luxembourg. Macedonia. Mexico. Nederland. Nigeria. The Philippines. Peru. Portugal. Poland. Romania. Russia. Serbia. Syria. Slovakia. Spain. Sweden. Taiwan. Turkey. USA and Ukraine.

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