Guibao Gai


Gai Guibao, born in 1971 in Zhaozhuang, is a free cartoonist. He began to devote himself to cartoon creation. So far he has published more than 3000 works throughout the national newspapers. He started to set foot in international cartoon competitions and was selected into international competitions in Ukraine, Italy, France, Poland, Iran, Croatia, Slovakia for more than 100 times.
2010: the second prize in the 22nd “Network and Social” International Cartoon Competition of Australia Rotary Clubs and the fourth prize in Slovakia “Pharmacy and Pharmacists” International Cartoon Competition.
2012 : the Croatian 17th International Cartoon Contest Award nomination. 2013:Croatia Zagreb Isaac Seventh International Man Competition Special Award. Poland Warsaw International Cartoon Contest the third prize. 17th International Cartoon Biennial Slovak section.Romania “pepper and salt” magazine’s second annual International Cartoon Exhibition Award.
2014:Russia Surgut International Cartoon Contest Special Award. The eighth Croatia International Automobile theme comic contest bronze. South Korea Daejeon twenty-third International Cartoon Contest theme Award.

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