Tutorial by Dawn Darko, United States

1. Step 1.

Make two shapes, one for the head and another for the body. Sketch in the facial guidelines too.

2. Step 2.

Define the shape of the head for your chibi devil, and then draw in the devil horns.

3. Step 3.

Using the facial guidelines, draw in the oval shapes of the eyes and colour them in, then draw the eyebrows, mouth and fangs.

4. Step 4.

We will work on the body next. Start with the shoulders and arms and then draw the rest of the body. Don’t forget the nipples for the chest.

5. Step 5.

For the last drawing step, all you have to do is draw in the devil tail. Don’t forget the spear at the end of the tail. Erase the mistakes and guides too.

6. Step 6.

Here are the finished drawing folks. Now you can colour your chibi devil.

Tutorial by Dawn Darko, United States

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