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How to Draw a Whale Easy Tutorial

How to Draw a Whale Easy Tutorial

How to Draw a Whale Instruction

Whales are one of the most majestic animals. Fortunately they are also pretty easy to draw. Here are a few suggestions for how to draw a whale with just a few strokes of your pencil.

It helps them think of waves when you first sit down to draw your whale. The curving curlicues of the waves can be adapted into a whale shape pretty easily. It may also help to think of seashells, with the way they start in a curl and then expand out, widening from their center.

So take your pencil and make a curl, moving clockwise from the center until you’ve got a swirl that looks a bit like a capital “G” letter. When you’ve reached the top of the “G”, then slope your pencil down, like the down part of a wave. This downslope makes the beginning of the whale’s tail. In the trough of the wave, bring your pencil up, and then curl it back to the left. You’ve just made half of the whale’s tail. The shape should look a bit like a funny, curly capital “S” lying on its side now.

How to Draw a Whale Easy Tutorial
How to Draw a Whale

To finish your “S” whale, use the line that makes the left side of his tail, and make that into a chalice, or a cup shape to create his big, wide tail. The line that makes the other side of his tail will then follow the first part of the tail down, and then you connect this line with the bottom of his head, or to the bottom part of the “G” shape that you made before he had a tail. To finish your simple “S” whale, you can just add a big dot to create his eye, and then draw a few waves around him to show that he’s in the ocean.


After you’ve drawn a few “S” whales, you’ll probably want to try something a bit harder, and something that looks a bit more like the real whales in the sea. Of course, most of us never see the full view of a whale, unless we are advanced scuba divers, or we get to go to a world-class aquarium where we can see a whale underwater through the glass.

Different kinds of whales are shaped differently. As your drawings get more sophisticated, you’ll want to be able to show the difference between the long slender shape of a blue whale or a grey whale versus the thick, square-shaped head of a sperm whale. You’ll want to learn the different parts of a whale, so you can know that a whale’s tail is called a “fluke” and that there should be a small bump on the top of a whale’s head to indicate its blowhole.

How to Draw a Whale Video Tutorial

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