Wonder Woman (9/11)

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

Occupation: Superhero, the former Amazonian princess

Election years: 1972, 2944

Economic platform: Unknown (Economic equality for women seems like a good guess.)

The comic-book heroine Wonder Woman may have enjoyed her greatest political triumph in the 1972 election when the new feminist magazine Ms. featured her on its cover under the banner “Wonder Woman for President.” But she was not a total stranger to presidential politics. A 1943 issue of her comic, published during the 1944 race, showed her under a similar banner—though with the disappointing disclaimer that the story was set 1,000 years in the future. See also: A woman can do everything.


Written by Gustav Michalon

Gustav Michalon is a contributing writer of Toons Mag. He writes about cartoons and cartoonists.

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