Putin indebts Russia to China

Cartoon Putin indebts Russia to China

Putin indebts Russia to China

This cartoon, Putin indebts Russia to China, features a critical depiction of the relationship between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Elements of the Cartoon:

Vladimir Putin:

  • Putin is depicted with a somewhat resigned expression, his body wrapped in a large blue ribbon. The ribbon represents being bound or constrained, symbolizing debt or dependency.
  • His suit and tie are drawn tightly, further emphasizing the feeling of constraint or being controlled.

Xi Jinping:

  • Xi Jinping is depicted walking confidently and smiling, holding the end of the ribbon that binds Putin. This implies that he has control or influence over Putin.
  • Xi is dressed in a suit and tie, walking ahead of Putin, suggesting leadership or dominance in their relationship.


  • The characters are walking on a red carpet, symbolizing formal diplomatic relations or high-level meetings.
  • In the bottom right corner, the word “CHINA” is prominently displayed, reinforcing the context of Chinese influence.


The cartoon critiques the growing influence of China over Russia, suggesting that Putin has indebted or made Russia dependent on China. The imagery of Xi Jinping holding the ribbon that binds Putin symbolizes control and dominance, while Putin’s constrained appearance indicates a loss of autonomy or freedom. This visual metaphor highlights concerns about the power dynamics in the relationship between these two leaders and their respective countries.

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