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My reflection on freedom of speech

My reflection on freedom of speech

My reflection on freedom of speech

Freedom of speech – freedom of expression is a basic human right. It gives you the opportunity to express an opinion in any form, in any media without being censored. But “free” doesn’t mean that it comes without sacrifice.
Freedom of expression can be difficult to achieve and protect. It demands awareness to understand the value, and acknowledgment of the responsibility needed to protect it and practice it. Freedom of expression is not just a written word, it also defines actions.

In some countries, freedom of expression is oppressed or limited. But at the same time, there are countries that consider this freedom as the basis for all human rights, including freedom of religion.
If you plant a tree and don’t give it the freedom to grow up, and you cut its branches, ultimately it is not going to be a normal tree. It is going to be a bonsai tree. We are not trees, we are human beings, but the principle is the same. As human beings, we all deserve the rights of freedom of speech – freedom of expression. We should all be free to think about whatever we like, and we all should have the right to express our thoughts and opinions.
There is a word called ‘unlimited’. I very much disagree with it. I think nothing is unlimited in this world. I think freedom also has limitations. With “freedom” follows the responsibility for showing respect towards yourself and towards others, and their rights as well.

Arifur Rahman


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