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Ana von Rebeur

Ana von Rebeur

Ana von Rebeur, Journalist, cartoonist, illustrator, and writer.
Student of Nursing at the University of Buenos Aires
A chef at her own restaurant: “Comer en lo de Ana”
She had been working as a freelance illustrator and writer in more than 60 newspapers, magazines, and websites in Argentina, Spain, EEUU and collaborating in Iran, Serbia, England, India, etc.
Have 31 books published in Argentina, Spain, USA and Bosnia, half of them are humor books Worked as a TV and radio scriptwriter, comedian, producer, and columnist…
Ana von Rebeur was an air hostess in Aerolineas Argentina’s for 14 years. In between flights, she studied Graphic Design and Publicity at Pan-American School of Arts, Chemistry at Morón University and Psychology at the University of Buenos Aires. Drop the careers to become an air hostess in Argentina Airlines and a journalist and writer at the same time.
From 1986 to 1997, she was a permanent cartoonist in Humor and Sex Humor magazines. From 1988 until now, publishes cartoons and also works as a writer and journalist in more than 60 magazines of different subjects and countries. She was an editor of travel magazines and made the humor page of Cosmopolitan magazine of Spain and Psicología Practica of Spain for several years  She also worked as a comics translator for  DC Comics ( New York)  and Sulaco Editions, Spain.
And she was the Chief Editor, writer, and illustrator of several Internet websites.
Since 2002 is a director of Cartoonists Rights Network in Argentina, and president of FECO (Federation of Cartoonists Organizations) of Argentina, in which she organized an Itinerary School of Cartoons.  She also takes part in Cartooning for Peace, a French organization against censorship and war, founded by French cartoonist  Jean Plantu, of Le Monde.
Author of four theater plays, from which “The Daughter” was twice awarded and stayed in theatres for 3 years.
Wrote educational CD Roms and manuals on computer´s programs for EXO, S.A. computers
She organized the FECO Argentina First International Cartoon Festival 2002 of Buenos Aires exhibiting 1067 cartoons from 295 artists from 45 countries. The exhibition was shown at Boca Juniors Football Stadium, Centro Cultural Recoleta and Calico mix in 2002, Comic Festival held by the University of Cali, Colombia. It was sponsored by the Embassy of Spain Cultural Department.
She published cartoons in England, Ucrania, Creta, México, Serbia and Uruguay and her works are exhibited in many countries of the world (Tanzania, Turkey, France, Italy, Romania, Croatia, Japan, etc)
In 2006 was invited by UNICEF to take part in the book “Draw Attention” to celebrate the 60th anniversary of UNICEF, together with artists as Pat Oliphant and Til Mette.
Ana von Rebeur was asked to take part in a luxury book about Plastic Surgery by Angelika Taschen, a publisher from Germany.
She made more than  400 color illustrations for a handbook for alphabetization of adults  over care of little children , that took part of the book “Take my hand”, distributed by the OEI ( Organization of Iberoamerican Estates)  and AECI ( Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional)-  through Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica and Panamá, rural schools .
Ana von Rebeur is a volunteer of the NGO Women on Waves website and translated to Spanish most of its contests about safe medical abortion.
Ana von Rebeur organized an International Cartoon Exhibition of Brazilian Cartoonists in Serbia, about “Situation of the Women in the Wold” in Spain, and one about “natural Food” in Argentina all of them with more than 200 international participants.
I was a professor of a global fellowship in Spanish Literature at the Gustavus University of Minneapolis, USA.
Ana von Rebeur is now writing and drawing humor books that are sold in all Spanish speaking countries. She also makes covers and illustrations for learning books of publishers of Germany and the United States.
Ana von Rebeur is a cartoonist of the TV5 France website, the international French TV Channel.
Applying the knowledge she got in her brief Chemistry career, she wrote the biography of colors, a story on how men got to have a stable color trapped in a tin tube. It’s a less than a two centuries old miracle to which we cartoonists are very grateful!
Ana von Rebeur also has more than 40 blogs, like
Ana von Rebeur is an active member of Cartooning for Peace of France and works for TV5monde, org
Owner at Balcones al Rio hostel  in Tigre, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Owner and chef at Comer en lo de Ana Restaurant, Acassuso Buenos Aires, Argentina ar
Ana von Rebeur made advertising campaigns (both written and designed) for Movistar, Citibank, Trains of Europe and Boehringer  Ingelheim, among others
Certified doula (midwife- birth therapeutic companion)

• 1986: First Prize on Cartoon Contest “High Humour” of Argentine Airlines.
• 1989: First Mention of Fine Arts Competition in Psychology School University of Buenos Aires.
• 2001: Award of Success, 19th Cartoon Contest Aydin Dogan Vakfi Foundation, Ankara, Turkey
• 2002: Honorable Mention at 23rd. Yomiuri Shimbun International Cartoon Contest, Tokyo, Japan.
• 2002: Second Prize of “Teeth: Creativity in Scene”, 4th International Cartoon Contest of the Union of Technicians Dentists of Berlin – Brandenburg, Germany. (
• 2002: Bronze Medal, 1st  International Free Cartoon  Web Contest, China (
• 2002: Master Prize Award in 2002 Taiwan International Cartoon Contest (
• 2003 Kever Award (Belgium Cartoonist Organization Award) in Cartoons Undercover, TTI, Bree, Belgium.

Selected in Trento, Italy, 2001, and Salao da Bahía, 2001.
2002:  Selected in Salon de Bahía (Brazil), Piauí (Brazil), Lübben (Germany), Wolfsburg (Austria), Alcalá de Henares (Spain). Humour Deva ( Romania), Rhodes ( Greece). She took part in exhibitions in  Suceava ( Romania),  St Just Le Martel ( France), Ayr (Scotland), Italy, Poland, and several other countries.

– Cartoonists to the Football Arch (Alianza Francesa, 1997)
– Cartoonists Conference at Buenos Aires Book Fair ’96 (With Quinn, Fontanarrosa, Peni, Caloi, and Nik).
– Psychoanalysis and Humor, School of Lacanian Orientation (1997)
– Is football a men´s issue? –  Conference on Communication and Sports – Social Science School of the University of Buenos Aires (1996).
– Women and humor- Women Entrepreneur Society (1996).
– Sexology and Humour (Jornadas de Sexología del CETIS, 1995)
– Women cartoonists (La Plata Book Fair, 1996)
– IV International Cartoonists Congress  (Río Cuarto, Córdoba Province, Argentina,  2001)
– Oh, My God! Individual Exhibition at Alianza Francesa, 2001
– Aydin Dogan Foundation Cartoon Exhibition, Ankara, Turkey, 2001
– Latinoamericana Cartoon Exhibition, Estambul, Turkey, 2002
– St Just in Buenos Aires. Group exhibition at Alianza Francesa, 2002
– Bienal de Humor de Trento, Italia, 2002
– St Just Le Martel Cartoon Festival, France, 2001 & 2002
– Individual Exhibition at Osijek, Croatia, 2003
– FECO Argentina First International Cartoon Exhibition “1000 Ja, Ja!!”-Boca Juniors Football Stadium, 2002
– The best of the FECO Argentina First International Cartoon Exhibition “1000 Ja, Ja!!”-, Centro Cultural Recoleta, 2003
_ Por Humor a River Humor Exhibition, River Plate Stadium 2202, Centro Cultural Recoleta 2003
– Invited as a representative from Latin America to the 6th Cartoon and Comics World Summit  Conference in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, China, February 2003
– With Goran Kljajic, director of Nosorog Magazine in Bosnia, of the Latin American Humor Exhibition at the French Cultural Institute of  Banja Luka, Bosnia & Herzegovina, showing works from  Cuba, Ecuador, Brasil, Chile, Uruguay y Argentina, 2003,
– Solidary Meeting of Cartoonists in Colón, Entre Ríos, Argentina – Marzo 2004 (Con Sendra, Rep, Macias y Otros)
– Individual exhibition at Ankara International Festival, Turkey, March 2004.
– Individual exhibition at the Festival Internacional de Humor Gráfico CaliComix 2004, Cali University, Colombia. May 2004
– Represents Cartoonists Rights Network at IFEX International Conference of the Freedom of Expression in Baku, Azerbaiján, June 2004
A jury at 2003 International Cartoon Festival- GEC Bucovina, Suceava, Romania
A jury at Salon Humor Global de Teresina (Piaui) Brazil 2004
A jury at Humor at the Falls, Foz de Iguazú, Brasil. 2004
– The organizer of 6th World Cartoon Comic Conference, Beijing China, October 2004
– Invited to Women Cartoonist Conference in Carquefou, France, 2005
– A jury at Porto de Galinhas Humor Festival, Brasil, 2006
– Invited to take part in the Women Cartoonists Exhibition in Bogotá Books Fair, Colombia, exhibited in Cuba, Peru, USA, Spain, etc. 2006
– Jury for Piracicaba International Humor Salon, Brazil 2007
– Jury for Black Cat cartoons contest, Azerbaijan, 2007
– Lecturer on “Teenagers and sex” in Quito Cultural Center, Quito, Ecuador, 2008
– Invited to XIII Humor Exhibition in Alcalá de Henares, Spain 2008
– Invited by Le Monde newspaper of France and the Biblioteques de Paris to the Salon European de la Education and to take part in the exhibition cartooning for Peace, led by Jean Plantu and Kofi Annan, Paris, October   2008.
Jury member of Banja Luka Humor Contest, organized by Goran Kljacic of Nosorog Magazine, Serbia, February 2009.
– Invited to Lima Book Fair, Lima, Peru, July 2009
– Invited to   Carabobo Book Fair, Carabobo, Venezuela, November 2009
– Invited to Santiago Book Fair, Santiago, Chile, December  2009
– Invited to take part in the Salon of Life and Family, Quito, Ecuador, December 2009.
Invited to Guadalajara Book Fair, Guadalajara, México, December, 2009
– Jury member at Piracicaba, Brazil, International Cartoon Contest, and June 2007
– Jury AT HQMIX de Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2011
Jury at Oxen, Macedonia 2012
Jury at Ricardo Rendón de Rionegro, Antioquia, Colombia 2012.
Jury at  Salon de Humor Internacional de Parnaíba , Brasil  2013

– Invited at Festival de Humor Gráfico de Prensa de St Just le Martel, Limoges, Francia., Septiembre de 2009
– Invited at seminar “Sexualidad, Educacion y Pareja”, organizado par la escuela de parejas Laytalén de Quito, Ecuador, Noviembre  2009, liderado por Gisella Echeverria. . .
– Invited to Feria del Libro de Valencia, Carabobo, Venezuela, November, 2009
– Invited to  Feria del Libro de Guadalajara , Guadalajara  por la Universidad de Guadalajara, México, Diciembre, 2009- Takes part in  workshop “ Arriba las moneras” con Trino ( México) y Nani de Colombia
– Cartooning for Peace  en Bogotá , Colombia por la Alianza Francesa en Bogotá, Colombia,  del  14 al 22 de Febrero de  2010
-Cartooning for Peace en Bastia. Corcega, 2011
– Lecture “Mujeres del siglo XXI” en Quito Ecuador, 2011
– Lecture “Todas Brujas” en Caracas, Venezuela, 2011
– Invited to Feria del Libro de Santiago, Chile, 2011
– Invited to Festival de humor HQ Mix de San Pablo, Brasil, 2011
– Invited to Lecture “Las Mujeres y el Humor “Centro Cultural Recoleta, Julio 2012
– Invited to Muestra de humor Argentina- Puerto Rico, San Juan de Puerto Rico y Centro Cultural Recoleta, Septiembre 2012
– Invited to give lecture Guayaquil, Ecuador, Octubre 2012
– Jury Certamen Internacional de Humor sobre Tango, Museo Diogenes Taborda, Fundación Volpe Stessens, Buenos Aires, Octubre, 2012
– Jury Humor cartoon Contest Oksen, Macedonia, marzo 2012
– Jury Ricardo Rendón de Rionegro, Antioquia, Colombia, noviembre de 2012.
–  Lecture about colours Mosaik Strt Gallery, Beccar, marzo 2013-07-16- – –
Presentation of book La Ciencia del Color – Open Arts – Norcenter, July 2013
– Escuela para mujeres en Guayaquil. Ecuador , septiembre  de 2013
– Jury at Teresina, Piaui, Brasil, November de 2013
– ConressRIDEP de Carquefou, Francia, February 2013
– Memorial de Caen, Francia, April de 2013
– Congress RIDEP Carquefou, Francia, febrery de 2014
Lecture” Secretos de Seduccion” en Quito, Ecuador, con Ezequiel Lopez Peralta February de 2014
– Conference “Orgullosamente Mujer”, Quito, Ecuador, March 2014.
– Invited at FOPEA; cartoons exhibition   Pilar, February 2014
– Lecture at Society of Illustrators de New York, with Liza Donnelly (The New Yorker), 17 Mayo 2014
– Conference “Cartoons, books and freedom of expression “Gustavus College de Minneapolis, EEUU, 18 de Abril de 2014
Interview in MIRA TV channel of Miami, 30 de mayo de 2014
– Interviewed by Ismael Cala in his “Cala” TV show a CNN, Miami, and EEUU 30 due May 2014
(Available in YouTube:  and
Jury Member at First Latinonamerican Cartoon Salon at Sao Paulo Brazil, April 2016

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