Cartoon Characters We Love So Much

#6 Inspector Gadget

Inspector Gadget

Inspector Gadget: Who wouldn’t want a friend that has a nifty gadget for every situation? If anything, it’d just be nice to activate some go-go-gadget backscratchers every now and then.

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#7 Goofy


Goofy makes a great friend to everyone because he’s exactly like his name: Goofy! His signature hiccup laugh and clumsy playful antics will keep you entertained for hours just by watching him. He is also a great friend because although he is Goofy, he truly has a heart of gold.

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#8 Spongebob


Spongebob: Although he may be somewhat over-enthusiastic at times, Spongebob is willing to do anything for his friends and for the Krusty Krab. This sweet little sponge is the perfect friend for anyone who likes to practice karate and eat a good burger.

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#9 Batman-Bruce Wayne

Batman-Bruce Wayne

Batman-Bruce Wayne: No more stopping at red lights with a ride in the Batmobile. While Batman is considered to be one of the darker superheroes of the DC Comics, he certainly makes for a great friend to have if you’re ever in major trouble and need rescuing.

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#10 Tommy Pickles

Tommy Pickles

Tommy Pickles: Tommy is the perfect friend for those who are full of imagination and adventure. When dealing with the Rugrat babies you’re never going to be in for a boring day, but that is all mostly thanks to their magnificent leader Tommy.

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Written by Joann McPike

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