Cartoon Drawing Humor in Creativity

Cartoon Drawing Humor in Creativity

Cartoon Drawing Humor in Creativity: Drawing a cartoon is an exciting thing and if luck is with you, there are high chances for sudden fame as is the case with Walt Disney and Warner bros. You must have seen some cartoons on the television, at websites and also in promotional campaigns by huge brands. They are a work of imagination and also of fun. You can also be a good cartoonist if you have an interest in them.

Drawing a cartoon is not a big deal, especially if you have been drawing skills in your hand and ideas in your mind. If you are a close observer of the world around then adding a bit of humor into your creativity can take you a long way.

Sometimes coming up with cartoons is not even a work of imagination but the adoption of making things different. You can put different colors to the actual picture and make way for an exciting cartoon.

Tips to draw cartoons

Here are some of the tips which can help you in making a perfect and most appealing Cartoon Drawing Humor in Creativity.

Step out of realism

Cartoons are a work of creativity. To have a perfectly appealing cartoon you need to step out of realism into the world of imagination. You need to put different genuine ideas to work.

Forget perspective

Don’t give your considerations to the viewpoint. This is a component of the real-world you are stepping in the art world so get your backpack of perspective off your shoulders, put it there and step in the gate of imagination.

Get off the Shading

Shading is not a cartoon thing. Cartoons don’t have shades but real worlds have. Don’t use it with your cartoon.

Let your imagination run wild

You have stepped into the world of imagination and here is the ground to set your imagination free. Let it be wild. Don’t step back if it asks you to put a blue color in the apples or ask you to build a castle in the air.

Cartoon Drawing Humor in Creativity
Cartoon Drawing Humor in Creativity

Break the rules

Get out of those boring and never changing rules of real worlds. This is your world, a world of creativity, the world of imagination, decorate it your way. Forget that rule of the natural world. Let your favorite character walk freely on the moon, let your fish fly in the sky, and make your puppy bossing a man. It is your world you have the power.

If it looks odd, make it odder

If you have come up with something odd, don’t hesitate, pick up your drawing pen and make it odder. You have the power to make it as you like it.

Keep your drawing simple to draw:

Don’t make a complex thing. Make it as simple as you can. This means that create it so that you can make it again and again. Make it an easy thing to draw.

The Golden rule: PRACTICE

Well! Keeping the above tips in your mind you have to use this golden rule: practice. Practice makes the man perfect but here “practice makes the CARTOON perfect”.

Practicing will also help you in coming out with your style of creating a cartoon.

Cartoon Drawing Humor in Creativity

Cartoon Drawing Humor in Creativity

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