The Top 10 Cartoon Characters Who Became Internet Memes

The Top 10 Cartoon Characters Who Became Internet Memes

Internet Memes: In the vast landscape of the internet, where trends come and go, few phenomena have achieved memes’ enduring and pervasive nature. Memes have become their language, often humorous and relatable images or videos. Cartoon characters have played a significant role in the diverse meme-worthy content. This article delves into the top 10 cartoon characters transcending their original animated realms to become iconic internet memes.

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1. Pepe the Frog:

Originating from Matt Furie’s comic series “Boys Club,” Pepe the Frog took the internet by storm, evolving into a versatile meme symbolizing various emotions and situations. Despite its innocent origins, Pepe became a widespread meme and faced controversies, highlighting the unpredictable nature of internet virality.

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2. SpongeBob SquarePants:

The porous and optimistic SpongeBob SquarePants has provided meme enthusiasts with many expressive images. From “Mocking SpongeBob” to “Imagination SpongeBob,” the animated sea sponge’s diverse range of emotions has made him a staple in internet meme culture.

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3. Pikachu:

As the beloved mascot of the Pokémon franchise, Pikachu’s expressive face and cute demeanor have made it a prime candidate for internet meme stardom. Memes like “Surprised Pikachu” and “Pikachu Face” have captured the internet’s attention, showcasing the enduring popularity of this electric Pokémon.

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4. Homer Simpson:

The bumbling patriarch of the Simpson family, Homer Simpson, has become a symbol of relatable everyday struggles. Memes featuring Homer, such as “Homer Backs Into Things” and “Lisa Simpson’s Presentation,” reflect the internet’s tendency to find humor in mundane moments.

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5. Wojak:

Wojak, also known as “Feels Guy,” is a simple black-and-white MS Paint illustration that represents various emotions, particularly those related to everyday struggles and relatable experiences. This character’s widespread use emphasizes the internet’s ability to turn simplicity into widespread recognition.

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6. Arthur Fist:

Derived from a still frame of the animated TV show “Arthur,” the Arthur Fist meme has become a popular way to express frustration or anger online. This unexpected transformation of a children’s cartoon character into a meme demonstrates the internet’s knack for repurposing content.

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7. Distracted Boyfriend:

Originally a stock photo, the “Distracted Boyfriend” meme gained popularity for its representation of infidelity and distraction. The characters in the photo were later humorously replaced by various pop culture figures, including cartoon characters, contributing to its widespread appeal.

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8. Drakeposting:

While not a traditional cartoon character, Drake, the Canadian rapper, has become a meme icon through “Drakeposting.” This meme uses images of Drake to represent contrasting emotions or choices, making it a versatile and widely used internet phenomenon.

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9. “This is Fine” Dog:

Originating from the webcomic “Gunshow” by KC Green, the “This is Fine” dog has become an enduring symbol of accepting one’s fate in the face of chaos. The simplicity and relatability of this meme have allowed it to persist and adapt to various situations on the internet.

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10. Doge:

The Shiba Inu dog known as Doge became an internet sensation, mainly through the “Doge” meme featuring captions in broken English and Comic Sans font. Doge’s expressive face and humorous captions quickly made it a viral sensation, showcasing the internet’s penchant for creating unexpected stars.


The world of internet memes is dynamic and ever-evolving, with cartoon characters playing a crucial role in shaping its language and humor. From the infectious enthusiasm of SpongeBob SquarePants to the unexpected journey of Pepe the Frog, these cartoons have become more than animated figures – they are cultural symbols that connect people across the digital landscape. As technology advances and new cartoons emerge, the meme phenomenon will likely continue to evolve, providing fresh and humorous ways for internet users to express themselves.

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FAQs: The Top 10 Cartoon Characters Who Became Internet Memes

1. What defines a meme in the context of cartoons?

In cartoons, a meme is a humorous image, video, or text copied and spread rapidly across the internet. These often feature iconic cartoon characters.

2. How do cartoon characters become internet memes?

Cartoon characters become memes when images or scenes are taken out of context, modified, and shared widely. Humorous or relatable captions often accompany these images, contributing to their viral nature.

3. Which cartoon characters are included in the top 10 list?

The top 10 list includes iconic characters from various animated shows and movies, such as SpongeBob SquarePants, Pepe the Frog, Homer Simpson, and more.

4. Why are certain cartoon characters more meme-worthy than others?

Meme-worthiness often stems from a character’s expressiveness, relatability, or the versatility of their images. Characters quickly adapted to different situations and tended to become more popular as memes.

5. How has internet meme culture impacted the perception of cartoon characters?

Internet meme culture has given cartoon characters a new dimension, making them relevant to a broader audience. It has also renewed interest in classic cartoons and introduced them to younger generations.

6. Are memes a recent phenomenon in the world of cartoons?

While the term “meme” gained popularity in recent years, the concept of humorous images spreading virally has existed for a long time. However, the internet has significantly accelerated the meme-sharing process.

7. Can cartoon characters from various eras become memes?

Yes, cartoon characters from different eras can become memes. Classic characters and those from contemporary shows have found a place in internet meme culture.

8. How do memes featuring cartoon characters impact popular culture?

Memes featuring cartoon characters often influence popular culture by shaping online conversations, reflecting societal trends, and contributing to the collective online sense of humor.

9. Do creators of the original cartoons embrace or resist their characters becoming memes?

The response varies among creators. Some embrace the meme culture, recognizing it as a form of homage. In contrast, others may be more reserved, especially if the memes take the characters in unexpected or potentially controversial directions.

10. Can anyone create a meme using cartoon characters?

Yes, meme creation is open to anyone with access to the internet and essential image-editing tools. The democratization of meme creation has contributed to the widespread popularity of this form of online expression.

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