Soul Mix deluxe

Inside Spirit

Soul Mix deluxe

I publish my page not added to the rest of the book

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Etter to my soul

EB590B0F D22B 448E B52F 0B89932A9510 - Etter to my soul

#stefdies portraits, wolfs means me, runic language, many symbols, blue, black, red
Selfportrait and painting on the wall in Oslo

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Lwow Eaglets

522335C6 4870 498C 8AB8 15C3D91114FA scaled - Lwow Eaglets

Defenders of the cementery

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I was here

AF8E7F97 3601 46AE A2A6 DC91522380F9 - I was here

Inspiration from Berlin,
From my book, Inside Spirit

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Se mA for; Inside Spirit

EFFD5BC7 81A8 49E3 8614 39853EE0E173 - Se mA for; Inside Spirit

Portrait of Klodzko
Visit on the se mA for museum

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Inside Spirit

83EBB820 A5F2 483B 9D71 C809A31F41B8 - Inside Spirit

On of the frist Pages from my book

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Inside Spirit , restaurants

2AE8643D 14D0 4DA8 AD36 F559ECF74B7C - Inside Spirit , restaurants

People are like muppets

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Inside Spirit alkymist

3AF40AB7 23BD 443E A05D 69EF9A1A0EB6 - Inside Spirit alkymist

Teaching about alkemi

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Exhibition humanity

56E80BB6 DB62 4285 A846 35DC0A46A501 - Exhibition humanity

Discription for all symbols

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Finish work

7F1FC5C5 E212 49B9 8427 467E4A3A3EBD - Finish work

Every artist feel it

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Be anything

0C30B115 6B65 41E6 B695 CC7EEA1FBC1B - Be anything

Be not me

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Akershus slot

D12EF63F AC65 425C 9DF0 078EB2E601C1 scaled - Akershus slot

Oil Painting

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Pelé, The World Football King caricature.

Pelé, The World Football King

Pran Kumar Sharma: the Creator of Iconic Indian Comics. Pran Kumar Sharma was born in Kasur near Lahore in Pakistan in 1938.

Pran Kumar Sharma: the Creator of Iconic Indian Comics