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Aidarbek Gazizov

Aidarbek Gazizov anketa - Aidarbek Gazizov
Aidarbek Gazizov was born in 1958. He works as a designer and artist in republic newspaper ‘’Egemen Kazakhstan”. He has started to take part in International Competitions since 2005. He has received 30 awards from national and international contests including:
Award winner of Kazakhstan Youth Union Prize 2004,
Soros Foundation Kazakhstan 3rd prize,
International Nasreddin Hodja Cartoon Contest Special prize 2006,
Baja Cartoon Competition 3rd prize 2010,
International Cartoon Contest Syria Honorable Mention 2008,
DICACO International Cartoon Contest Honorable Mention 2008,
Moscow International Cartoon Contest Honorable Mention 2012,
Salt & Pepper magazine prize 2012,
Gold Panda International Cartoon and Illustration Competition Gold Prize 2012,
The 19th International Cartoon Contest Haifa Special Prize 2013,
International Festival of Cartoon and Humorous Literature Romania First Prize 2014.
Sinop Governor’s 12th National Cartoon Contest  2nd prize 2014.
AYACC International Cartoon and Animation Contest Special jury prize for Best Professional Comic, 2014,
3rd International olive cartoon contest special prize (bronze olive) 2014,
Lebanese International exhibition Bronze medal  2014,
International contest “Caneva ride 2015” Honorable mention 2015,
International competition “Confucius & China in the eyes of Foreign Cartoon Artist” Silver prize 2015,
He was the jury member of The 6th Molla Nasreddin –Azerbaijan International Cartoon Contest in 2013.
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