Ed Gamble (1943-): American Cartoonist’s Impact on Social Commentary and Cartoons

Ed Gamble (b.1943)

Born in 1943, Ed Gamble is a renowned American cartoonist celebrated for his contributions to two prominent genres: social commentary and cartoons. His journey from a journalist to a respected editorial cartoonist has left an indelible mark on visual storytelling.

Ed Gamble

Birth Year: 1943

Genres: Social Commentary, Cartoons

Notable Publications:

  • “A Peek at the Great Society” (1965)
  • “You Get Two for the Price of One” (1995)

Career Highlights:

  • Journalist
  • Sports Editor
  • Sports Cartoonist
  • Editorial Cartoonist


Magazine Contributions: Yes

Cartoon Anthologies: Yes

Ed Gamble

A Journey in Journalism

Ed Gamble’s career began in journalism, where he held diverse roles, ranging from reporter to sports editor and cartoonist. His journalistic endeavors spanned several daily newspapers, shaping his unique perspective on storytelling through art. This journey in journalism would lay the foundation for his future success in the world of cartoons.

Editorial Cartoonist Extraordinaire

In 1972, Ed Gamble embarked on a significant chapter of his career as an editorial cartoonist. He joined the Nashville Banner in Nashville, Tennessee, where his talent flourished. For nearly a decade, from 1972 to 1980, he served as the editorial cartoonist for the publication. During this period, his thought-provoking cartoons resonated with readers and showcased his keen wit.

Following his impactful tenure at the Nashville Banner, Ed Gamble continued to captivate audiences with his editorial cartoons. He embraced the role of an editorial cartoonist at the Florida Times-Union in Jacksonville, Florida, starting in 1980. His work consistently tackled critical social issues, and his distinct style garnered a loyal following.

Ed Gamble cartoon

Syndication Success

Ed Gamble’s cartoons achieved remarkable recognition and readership when they were syndicated by the Register and Tribune Syndicate, later known as the Cowles Syndicate. This syndication, which spanned from 1973 to 1986, expanded the reach of his thought-provoking art. Gamble’s ability to comment on contemporary issues through his cartoons resonated with audiences across the United States.

Subsequently, in 1986, Ed Gamble’s work found an even broader audience when the prestigious King Features Syndicate syndicated it. This syndication marked a significant milestone in his career, solidifying his position as a respected cartoonist.

Ed Gamble cartoon

Notable Publications

Beyond his contributions to newspapers, Ed Gamble authored two notable publications that further exemplified his storytelling prowess. “A Peek at the Great Society,” released in 1965, offered a unique glimpse into the societal landscape of its time through Gamble’s distinctive illustrations and commentary. In 1995, he published “You Get Two for the Price of One,” further showcasing his talent for blending humor with social insight.

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Ed Gamble cartoon

A Legacy Beyond Newspapers

Ed Gamble’s influence extended far beyond the pages of newspapers. His artistic contributions graced the pages of various magazines, enriching the visual storytelling landscape. Additionally, his work found a place in cartoon anthologies, where his cartoons continued to engage and entertain audiences.

In conclusion, Ed Gamble’s remarkable career as an American cartoonist, marked by a journey from journalism to syndicated success, exemplifies the power of visual storytelling. His legacy lives on through his thought-provoking cartoons and enduring publications, ensuring his impact on social commentary and cartoons remains timeless.

FAQ about Ed Gamble

Q1: Who is Ed Gamble, and what are his primary genres as a cartoonist?

Ed Gamble is an American cartoonist born in 1943, known for primarily focusing on two genres: social commentary and cartoons.

Q2: What roles did Ed Gamble hold in journalism during his career?

Ed Gamble held various journalism roles throughout his career, including reporter, sports editor, and sports cartoonist for several daily newspapers.

Q3: Which newspapers did Ed Gamble contribute to as an editorial cartoonist?

Ed Gamble contributed to publications such as the Nashville Banner in Nashville, Tennessee, where he served as an editorial cartoonist from 1972 to 1980. He continued this role at the Florida Times-Union in Jacksonville, Florida, from 1980 onwards.

Q4: Was Ed Gamble’s work syndicated, and by which syndicates?

Yes, Ed Gamble’s cartoons gained significant recognition as they were syndicated by the Register and Tribune Syndicate (later known as Cowles Syndicate) from 1973 to 1986. Subsequently, his work found a broader audience when it was syndicated by King Features Syndicate in 1986.

Q5: Did Ed Gamble author any notable publications?

Yes, Ed Gamble authored two notable publications: “A Peek at the Great Society,” released in 1965, and “You Get Two for the Price of One,” published in 1995.

Q6: Did Ed Gamble’s influence extend beyond newspapers?

Yes, Ed Gamble’s influence extended beyond newspapers, as he also contributed his work to various magazines and cartoon anthologies.

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