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Jarúl Ortega Receives Cartoonist Of The Year Award 2019

Jarúl Ortega Receives Cartoonist Of The Year Award 2019

Jarúl Ortega, a Cartoonist from the Dominican Republic has won Cartoonist Of The Year Award 2019. His cartoon “For Peace” has been selected by the public vote for the Cartoonist Of The Year Award 2019.

Short info about Jarúl Ortega

Jarúl Ortega was born in Santo Domingo in 1986. After 28 years of drawing in a realistic style closer to fine arts, he was inspired by Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson and decided to be a cartoonist.

His cartoons were published on several websites of the Dominican Republic and in many magazines and newspapers abroad, during 2014 and 2018. Currently, he drawing for digital publication

Jarúl Ortega describes his cartoon, “The idea of ​​this cartoon was obviously to mix the concepts of peace, represented by the dove and the war represented by the tank. What I sought was to give the blunt message that peace is more powerful than war.”

Summary at a glance

From all over the world, 229 cartoons were nominated for Cartoonist Of The Year 2019 Award.
Here is a summary of most voted Top 10 cartoons:

  1. Jarúl Ortega‘s cartoon “For Peace” received 3210 votes.
  2. Wilber-Chavarria-Centeno‘s cartoon “I Want Peace!” received 2080 votes.
  3. Smitha Bhandare Kamat‘s cartoon “Yemen” received 2002 votes.
  4. Atiq Shahid‘s cartoon “Peace” received 676 votes.
  5. Youcef Aimeur‘s cartoon “Peace in the Middle East” received 300 votes.
  6. Stefaan Provijn‘s cartoon “Peace Play” received 214 votes.
  7. Luc Descheemaeker‘s cartoon received “Racism176 votes.
  8. Guffo‘s cartoon “Fake News” received 151 votes.
  9. Jitet Koestana‘s “Stop War” received 116 votes.
  10. Silvano Mello‘s cartoon “Search for Peace” received 105 votes.


From Toons Mag, We congratulate the winners and all nominated cartoonists for the Cartoonist Of The Year Award 2019.


As a Winner of the Cartoonist of the year 2019, Jarúl Ortega will receive 2,000 Norwegian Kroner or 2,000 Toons Mag Points from Arifur Rahman Fund, and certificates.
2 to 10 positions holder cartoonists will receive a certificate as an Honorable Mention Award.

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