Vic Roschkov Sr.

Canadian editorial cartoonist and illustrator

Vic Roschkov

Vic Roschkov Sr. is a Canadian editorial cartoonist and illustrator, now living in London, Ontario, Canada Born in Kyiv in Soviet Ukraine, he moved with his family to London, Ontario, at an early age and later began his career in journalism at the Windsor Star in the early 1970s.

Vic Roschkov Sr.
Photo: Vic Roschkov Sr.

Vic Roschkov Personal life

Vic Roschkov Sr. was born in 1941 in Kyiv Ukraine.has two sons: Vic, is also a notable artist living in London, Ontario and Tom, a musician who lives in Edmonton. Roschkov subsequently moved to the Toronto Star where he won the prestigious National Newspaper Award for cartooning in 1980—the first time that he’d submitted an editorial cartoon for consideration. Roschkov later worked for the Edmonton Sun.

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Vic Roschkov Career Life

Vic Roschkov has had a selection of his cartoons published by Prentice-Hall and for many years as a staff cartoonist at the Edmonton Sun. Numerous Roschkov editorial cartoons have been acquired by the National Archives of Canada and are now part of its permanent collection in Ottawa, Ontario.

Vic Roschkov Sr.
Cartoon: Vic Roschkov Sr.

After the war, his family immigrated to Canada settling in Windsor Ontario. He dropped out of high school to play billiards and drifted until he found a job at a silkscreened company in London, Ontario. He began drawing caricatures and assembled a portfolio which he took around to newspapers. Time Magazine printed one of his drawings.

Cartoon: Vic Roschkov Sr.

In 1972, the Star [Windsor] hired him as an editorial cartoonist. He drew four cartoons a week and experimented with various techniques including color. In 1976, he moved to The Toronto Star, where he worked as an illustrator and an editorial cartoonist, filling in for Duncan Macpherson. Vic Roschkov won a National Newspaper Award in 1980. He left the Toronto Star in 1982 and freelanced till 1984 when he joined the Edmonton Sun as an editorial cartoonist.

Cartoon: Vic Roschkov Sr.

 “Editorial meetings are necessary for the editorial writers but seem to inhibit most cartoonists. Most of us feel that our time could be better spent alone at the drawing board where we belong.”- Victor Roschkov, The Hecklers:249.

Cartoon: Vic Roschkov Sr.

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