Jia Rui jun

Jia Rui jun

Jia Rui jun is a cartoonist from China. From the beginning of the 1980 film reviews of the literature and creative writing, film critic for various newspapers and magazines in the country published 50, which won the national award. In Shang century 80 late generation, to continue to use Jia Rui jun amateur time creation comics, domestic animation participation competition-winning 40times, has over 3,000 comics in the more than 500 more species newspaper and website publishing, 400 pieces comics 100 WINS Poland and Finland, and France, and Italy, and Austria, and Azerbaijan, and Croatia, and Serbia, and Spain, and Portugal, and Hungary, and, and India, and Australia, and Turkey, and Slovakia, and Bulgaria, and China, and Russia, and Iran, and Syria, and Macedonia, Ukraine, Cyprus, Kosovo, Mexico, and Belgium, and Brazil, Pakistan, Romania, and Bosnia and Herzegovina and other international cartoon contest and exhibition, Turkey theme “drought and water” international cartoon contest number 3. 2011 get Russia and Argentina international cartoon contest honorable mention; published works, including the “anti-corruption” comic book set. In 2013 by the United States in the international art contest Bronze award. 2014 Lebanon theme “condemns terrorism,” 3rd International cartoon exhibition.

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